City squares will always be lively. People are meeting there, going to work, to school, shopping and hurrying home or to some cultural event. And in Vysočany, on the corner of Jandova Street and Náměstí OSN, a breath of new life can currently be felt.

The U Galerie building is a wonderful opportunity for joining this refreshing flow. Flats on the upper floors, offices, shops on the ground floor. In short, human lives interconnecting in a completely reconstructed First Republic block of flats from the year 1932. Simple, high-quality architecture with an emphasis on function.

Following the reconstruction, which is in PSN’s traditionally high standard, it will be possible to move into the U Galerie building at the turn of 2016 and 2017. The preserved architectural elements will be restored, while the fittings, the entire engineering infrastructure and the elevator will be exchanged for new ones.

There will be 11 small one- or two-room flats with kitchenettes available as well as a duplex flat with balconies and a terrace on the uppermost floor, two ateliers, 12 offices and three shops.


Vysočany is a rapidly-developing Prague neighbourhood. The area around Náměstí OSN is coming to life socially and culturally in the ateliers and galleries of the former Kolbenka plant, while the Fénix shopping centre, full of shops and services, is across the street from the U Galerie building. Lower, on Sokolovská Street, you can find the Prague 9 City Hall and lots of smaller shops, not to mention a park with an elementary and high school at its eastern end.

Vysočany has not been a worker’s neighbourhood for a long time. In the area around the U Galerie building there are offices, agencies, a medical clinic, new blocks of flats and a lot of greenery.

The traffic accessibility could not be better. You can get to the Vysočanská metro station across an intersection, where there are also bus stops and trams stop about 100 m along Sokolovská. The mass transit is also supplemented with the Vysočany train station. And it is easy to get by car to the Prague ring road, with access roads to the north and east. A nearby parking building offers the possibility of leasing parking spots.



Do you have a business and you personally do not need to personally spend the whole day in the office or shop?

But you need to be within easy reach? In Dům u Galerie you can take just a few steps to the office, the check in with your assistant or sign any documents. Then you can head to your shop on the ground floor of the building to check your inventory of goods, whereupon you can return to the comfort of your own flat.

Simple, isn’t it?

PSN will convince you of the benefits of a combined 2in1 or 3in1 solution.

Investment offer

The combined offer can also be used as an effective long-term investment. The yields in the form of the leasing of the non-residential unit that you purchase with your flat is a very attractive opportunity. Thanks to the growing rental prices you can cover more than 50% of the payments with this income.

After 15 years the non-residential unit has been paid off and the income from the rent will comfortably cover the payment of the flat for you for another 10 years. In light of the long-term growth of real estate prices in Prague the real value of the unit will continue to increase, comfortably covering inflation and ensuring your financial security.

Example of financing

Unit Price Own
resources 15 %
Amount of loan Interest Length of
Payment Rent for unit
Flat 41 2 231 460 1,99 % 25 years 8 027
Office 23 1 980 000 2,99 % 15 years 11 615 10 320
Total 4 211 460 632 460 3 579 000 9 322


Procedure when purchasing a flat

Verbal Reservation

If the client decides to purchase a flat, we will reserve the flat chosen by the client for 48 hours.

Reservation Agreement

The purchasing party and the selling party will conclude a Reservation Agreement within 48 hours from the Verbal Reservation. The Reservation Agreement will be valid for 14 days from its signing and the purchasing party will pay a reservation deposit in the amount of 10% of the purchase price.

Preliminary Purchase Contract

Within 14 days from the signing of the Reservation Agreement, the purchasing party and the selling party will conclude a Preliminary Purchase Contract, valid for two months, and the purchasing party will pay a second deposit in the amount of a further 10%.

Purchase Contract

After the preliminary purchase contract expires the purchasing party concludes a purchase contract with the selling party.

Handover of unit

Handing over of flat to be expected before Christmas of 2016.

Information for foreign clients:

Jsem cizinec z nečlenské země EU. Je možné si v České republice koupit byt jako soukromá osoba, nebo je nutné si založit společnost?

The restriction on the purchase of flats for clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer in force. Foreign clients can now also buy a flat as a private individual.


PSN's and Hypoteční banka's successful long-running cooperation in financing the sale of flats to clients makes it possible to provide you with an unrivalled offer for financing the purchase of a flat in Dejvice House.

A guaranteed alternative offer for the sale of flats in Dejvice House is provided by PSN and ČSOB a. s.:

The basic option offers you

— FREE processing of mortgage loan
— FREE processing of property expert opinion
— LOWER interest rate by 0.25 %

Other options offer you a combination of discounts from fees and interest rate discounts

— The possibility of extraordinary payments of up to 70 % of the loan collateral value without a penalty
— All you need in order to set up the mortgage loan is to document your income.

PSN provides the following services FREE OF CHARGE

— All the documents required for setting up the loan (with the exception of the confirmation of the income from employment).
— The registration of the title and the right of lien at the relevant Land Registry Office.
— Legal and notarial services connected with the preparation of the contract documents.

For more information please contact:

PSN - Lukáš Záhrubský, +420 606 022 160,


PSN is the exclusive owner of the properties it offers. It has been operating on the Czech real estate market since 1991.
It has a team of experienced real estate agents who will be happy to provide you detailed information on the properties offered, on the procedure when purchasing or on financing.

Contact us or send us your request. We look forward to helping you.